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A big part of the fun we have at Little Cherry is finding other like-minded companies and people to work with.

We think that these are well worth sharing with our customers.

Some of these are other party related businesses, some are friends and some are just great ideas!


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Catering a Corporate Event
Posted on 15th September 2016

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to host your first corporate event, a hotel wanting to expand their corporate offering or otherwise, knowing how to cater to this type of event is crucial in an industry that is fast moving and demanding, with high expectations.

Fuel the Romance
Posted on 8th February 2016

Love is in the air… it’s everywhere we look around, and we love it! It might be cheesy, it might be cliché, but we love Valentine’s Day and we aren’t afraid to show it! The best part is, we know you do, too! Between Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day, the UK racks up a whole lot of engagements in just a few shorts weeks of the year, kicking off wedding season in style! With that in mind, we think you need to be prepared for something extra special this Valentine’s day.

Little Cherry Loves: Eco Friendly Venues
Posted on 17th October 2014

Here at Little Cherry we are big fans of events and parties, but in particular weddings. We understand that weddings are one of life’s biggest parties and that is why it’s so important to get every little detail just right.

For many, so much of the wedding planning is spent on the finer details and things like the outfits, the catering, the cake and the decorations that the little things build up to become the big things. This can be an even bigger challenge for brides and grooms looking to throw an eco-friendly wedding where all of these things need to be thoroughly researched and sourced from green suppliers. That’s why we pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for eco-friendly wedding planning.

Can’t buy me love!
Posted on 4th December 2013

The Beatles famously sang, “I don’t care too much for money, money can’t buy me love”, but with the average cost of a wedding nowadays sitting at a staggering £18,000, money may not buy you love, but it’ll buy you a decent wedding.

There are some necessities which any wedding, large or small, simply cannot do without and the majority of wedding budgets get swallowed up by venue hire, catering and of course, the bridal gown...oh and the brides maid dresses, the groom’s suit, invitations, table decorations…need we go on? 

Eco-Friendly Invitations and e-cards
Posted on 23rd May 2013

Whether you’re organising your next party or event, planning your wedding or just want to say thank you, e-cards are the perfect choice!

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