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Eco-Friendly Stuff

While we are aware that we can't save the world by ourselves, we would like to make a small difference. We believe we can make that small difference by offering you the chance to make a small difference. Because we love parties and events, we thought we'd have some fun at the same time!

Here are some articles on eco-friendly stuff and tips for recycling which we thought you might find interesting and informative. We welcome any submissions or thoughts you have on the issue, please feel free to contact us:


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Little Cherry Loves: A Red, Gold and Green Christmas
Posted on 24th December 2014

There is something about this time of year that makes even the chilliest, soggiest day feel festive, warm and fuzzy. The parties, the Christmas songs, and the general sense of merriment all help to make this season special.

Little Cherry’s Little Guide To Green Gardening
Posted on 22nd December 2014

Summer might seem like forever away right now, but it will soon be here, so it is worth thinking about how your garden will grow when it finally arrives. Now, if you are anything like the team here at, you will love nothing more than being outside in the summer; taking in the sights, smells and sounds of nature.

There’s no doubt that gardening is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors in summer, but many people forget to be green when they are busy being green-fingered. So to help you keep environmentally friendly whilst you’re tending to your gorgeous gardens this summer, here are some reminders of how to be green in the garden:


Little Cherry Loves: Scrumptious Seasonal Treats
Posted on 26th November 2014

Here at Little Cherry, we happen to think there is something to celebrate whatever the season. It doesn’t matter if it is clear skies and 30 degrees outside, or if we are snowed in and our toes are turning blue; the best way to make the most of every single season is to celebrate it.

What can you celebrate when it’s wet, cold and windy though? Well, aside from being home to some of the biggest holidays – Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas – the autumn and winter months are the ideal time to enjoy heart-warming foods and seasonally inspired treats.

Little Cherry Loves: Harvest Inspired Homes
Posted on 20th November 2014

Here at Little Cherry we love occasions of all shapes and sizes. Weddings, children’s parties or really anything that puts smiles on faces and brightens up the day.

Each season brings with it its own set of occasions and autumn is no different. As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, life moves inside and people start planning cosy dinner parties and sparkling soirees. Events like Halloween and Bonfire Night get people in the festive mood ready for big winter events like Christmas and New Year. Autumn isn’t just a stepping stone season though; it is full of fun times, vibrant colours and plenty of opportunities to embrace special occasions with a seasonal flair.

How to have an Eco-Friendly and Stylish Christmas
Posted on 13th November 2014

Let’s face it, we all want to have fun at Christmas.  But have you ever stopped to think just how much unnecessary waste there is at this time of year and how, with a few simple steps, we could all make a big difference and teach our children an important Christmas message at the same time.

The Christmas shopping bonanza is fuelled by an economic system that demands constant growth.  It ignores the fact that we are consuming our planet to extinction! 

But as we’ve found here at Little Cherry, there are some stylish, simple and effective ways to ring the changes this year…

Little Cherry Loves: Seasonal Centrepieces
Posted on 7th November 2014

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, with gold’s and greens creating a stunning natural backdrop and people cracking out the chunky knits and hot chocolate kits. It is full of fresh, crisp days and comfortably cosy nights, but with the colder autumnal weather comes a change in lifestyle. Instead of being out and about like you were all summer long, enjoying picnics by the beach and back garden barbecues, you have to hunker down with hot soup at home. Now, some may mourn over the loss of summer freedom, but there’s something incredibly cosy and romantic about hibernating come autumn.

The Versatility of Candles
Posted on 3rd November 2014

There is nothing quite as inviting, or as elegant, as a room lit by flickering candles; candles that offer a soft and flattering light. Their appeal and versatility make them a universally favoured lighting source for all kinds of events. Whether it’s a birthday, an engagement party, a wedding or a baby shower, candles can bring an air of sophistication and stylish ambience to any celebration.


Green Screams: DIY Eco-Friendly Halloween Decorations
Posted on 27th October 2014

Autumn is well and truly here, with the leaves and weather turning and the nights drawing in. October will no doubt fly by and before we know it we will be setting up for and celebrating Halloween.

For little ones and the young at heart, this will be welcoming news. However, for those of you trying to find inspiration for this year’s Halloween party, it will be yet another seasonal challenge. How do you decorate your home for a spooktacular but planet-friendly party? Can it be done on a budget? And will it really look the part?

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