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Whether you are a party host extraordinaire or a nervous first-timer, planning your party games is a must! With so many ideas for party games, it can be a bit daunting choosing the right one, so where do you start?

Um... right here actually. (Scroll down for party games!)

"That's the beauty of hindsight" is a popular saying, but one you don't have to use if you involve little Johnny in the planning of your party games. The reality is that you will soon know whether your game is going to be a popular choice by the way the children react, after all, the best judges are the children themselves.

If your little one thinks a game is going to be muchos fun... chances are that your party guests will too! When choosing your games, remember to have a think about your party size and the space you have.

We have a selection of party games for both indoor and outdoor parties so it should be easy to choose the most fun and exciting games that are right for your party - just choose from the options below.

Its fun to theme your games in line with that of your party theme - so get creative and prepare your materials and props a few days in advance of the party. Your child will love getting involved in this too, so make it in to fun activity in the lead up to your party.

If you sense your game isn't going as well as expected adapt it to your audience or divert and move onto a different game. The children will love to be entertained by linking activities and challenges, so have a few of these up your sleeve just incase (or pull uncle Jim in with his dancing chicken impression).

Parties are fabulous and fun and the children should go away feeling happy and on top of the world! Try to make sure every child receives a prize if possible; even small and inexpensive items are great when presented as a prize! (mmmm... organic chocolate works a treat here!)

Once you have chosen the right games for your party, there are a few ways you can take control and be a successful leader without loosing the fun. Start by getting the attention of your guests, making sure that you stand where everyone can see you.

Rope in the other adults as your helpers and try to link each new game from the last. The children will enjoy each party game much more if they are sure about what is expected of them and are clear on the rules, and making this part fun will keep their attention. Try to arrange little competing teams that are equal in both strength and skill and change to the next activity if you sense any boredom.

Keep the energy high in the room and try to perform, even if it doesn't come naturally! Alternatively you could just don a banana outfit and try a few handstands out, woo hoo!

Remember to save the best for last and keep your party bags as a going home gift, and don't worry, once its all over and everyone has gone home, that glass of wine will feel truly deserved!


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