Biodegradable Takeaway Boxes

Biodegradable Takeaway Boxes

Our compostable takeaway boxes are made from natural wheat fibre pulp; recycled plant fibres which contains 99% less embodied carbon than polystyrene.

They come in a range of sizes and are great for hot, wet or oily foods as well as being sturdy and economic. Their lovely, natural colouring shows your customers just how green you are!
They offer a truly eco-friendly alternative to those horrible polystyrene takeaway boxes and won't leach toxic chemicals.

What's more, being a natural material, hot food won't 'sweat' and go soggy inside them. 

The wheat straw that we use comes from the stalks of wheat plants. The stalks of wheat plants do not store protein, gluten, or allergens. Those are stored in the grains, and our products do not contain gluten or allergens.

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